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Basic Call

159 €
launch price - 20% off, save 40€
- Forecast on 2 products
- Contacts with influencers

Right Call

329 €
launch price - 30% off, save 141€
- Forecast on 7 products
- Contacts with influencers
- Campaign plan
- FB Adv campaign for 1 influencer campaign (2 days)
- Press release to 15K influencers
- Engagement with influencer

Power Call

665 €
launch price - 30% off, save 285€
- Forecast on 12 products
- Contacts with influencers
- Campaign plan
- FB Adv campaign for 1 influencer campaign (10 days)
- Press release to 15K influencers
- Engagement with influencer

FAQ about pricing

An influencer marketing forecast is a precise prevision on the engagement that your product will have on social media, with the support of an influencer.

You can also require to us to benchmark your existing influencer marketing campaigns, in order to find influencers that can perform better for your business.
You can buy 7 or 12 forecasts, you have 6 months at your disposal to request all your forecasts. No hurry. Every time you need one forecast we send it right away.
To deliver one forecast we need 24 hours.
If you're not satisfied by our forecast, no problems, we will give your money back in full.
You have 30 days since you've received your first forecast.

When you will receive the first forecast you will automatically receive a form that will enable you to express your opinion about the service and ask for the eventual reimbursement. It's as simple as that.
Call The Tune is part of the Wowcracy Network, so when you get your pack of forecasts, you officially enter into a global community made of influencers and brands.
In order to deliver you the greatest value we will send a dedicated newsletter to our 15K influencers, to expand your visibility across bloggers and experts.
Right after you've received your forecast you will receive a suggested campaign plan to reach the results that we've forecasted for your product.
The campaign plan includes the suggested artistic direction, social media support campaign and the development of eventual landing page to optimize your results.
Well, when you enter into an influencer marketing platform, you can access to a database of influencers (by paying a monthly rate) find by yourself the influencers and trying to contact them and establishing a relationship with them.

The Influencer marketing forecast gives you immediately the right influencers for your product, with the engagement results that you will reach on social media, including the number of comments, so you will know exactly what to expect from the campaign. Then if you want to activate the campaign, you just need to communicate to us the decision, and we connect with the influencer in a moment, no tons of communications needed. So you can start right away.
To find the right influencers for your product we surf among hundreds of thousands of influencers profiles (only valuable influencers) and we find those that fit with your product style, positioning, targeting and geography.
When you get a certain pack of forecasts and you decide to move forward with the execution of the influencer campaign, you will have a bonus campaign on facebook to boost the impact of your influencer campaign.
If you already have a panel of influencers that you've worked with, and you need to see if there's something better out there, well, just send us the results of your previous influencer marketing campaigns and we will find influencers that can perform better for your brand.
If you're running an influencer campaign and you want to push it more, you can buy a Facebook Adv from us, just write to:
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