An influencer marketing forecast is a precise prevision on the engagement that your product will have on social media, with the support of an influencer.
Knowing the results of a marketing activity before start to invest in it, can be a powerful information that can save you time in making a lot of tests and will help you to make informed decisions and just get the right influencers for your business.
Nowadays is common to find bloggers and influencers with hundred of thousands of followers, but the real value is not how many followers an influencer may have, but how many followers interact with the contents published by an influencer.
To start we find the correct influencer based on your product, then we individuate the a panel of influencers that fit best for you. To conclude we give you a full forecast of the engagement that you will get.
Well, when you enter into an influencer marketing platform, you can access to a database of influencers (by paying a monthly rate) find by yourself the influencers and trying to contact them and establishing a relationship with them.

The Influencer marketing forecast gives you immediately the preferred influencers right for your product, with the engagement results that you will reach on social media, including the number of comments, so you will know exactly what to expect from the campaign. Then if you want to activate the campaign, you just need to communicate to us the decision, and we connect with the influencer in a moment, no tons of communications needed. So you can start right away.
To find the right influencers for your product we surf among hundreds of thousands of influencers profiles (only valuable influencers) and we find those that fit with your product style, positioning, targeting and geography.