About us

We've built Call The Tune dedicated service, to give to brands and influencers key information for the execution of powerful influencer marketing campaigns.
Making informed decisions is the path to creating value, and to guarantee a safe space to plans and businesses.
Forecast the outcomes of marketing activities is the first step to building successful operations.
When they go wide, we go deep
who we are

Who we are

Call the tune is a division of Wowcracy.
Wowcracy is a network composed of more than 20.000 brands in 60 countries worldwide.
During our experience we've launched multiple successful collaboration with Vogue Talents, scouting more than 300 emerging fashion brands.
Our work has been featured on Vogue Italia, Harper's Bazaar, The London Evening Standard, Glamour, Rolling Stone and many others.
We've analyzed more than 1500 business projects, that's why, we've a clear view on how to market properly different kind of products in different areas in the world.
Wowcracy has also structured a licensing operation with Candy Crush, creating content for social media channels directed to more than 70 million followers worldwide.
Call The Tune is a dedicated service that can give a solution that most of the brands that we've worked with were looking for, which is knowing with precision the outcomes of marketing investments, before taking action.
Call The Tune is a safe space, a dialogue that we want to provide to all those businesses, entrepreneurs and marketing managers that believe in making informed decisions, and driving results into a fast and complex market.